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DiY Projects

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All items here were created and photographed by Bridie Pearce

Photos were either taken on a Nikon D5100, or on an LG Android Cell phone

I made a necklace and decided I did not think it was lacey enough so I am now making this one which I am INLOVE with!

If you would like patterns or detailed instructions for any of my DIY please feel free to PM me!

These are my Fondant Butterflies that I made using a Polyclay mold/embosser It stated food safe.

DIY - Butterfly Garland

Metal Punch kit - Colored Card Stock and Tacky glue to keep them stuck for travel and transport.

Butterfly Garland creation and photo by Bridie Pearce

Bouquet and Garter set

Feathers Flowers and ribbon from Craft store
Handkerchief from Antique store
Very Strong Tea to dye the white flowers, handkerchief and ribbon

The Garter was created from salvaged French lace from another garment
1/2 in elastic cut 1 inch shorter than actual circumfrence of calf
Silk and organza both cut4 inches longer than circumfrence
G. Grandmother's Cameo Pin

Brown Bag Company "Tea Cookie Tiles"

I used polyclayfor half of these

I used paper mache to create the other half. I ground the paper mache in my blender and mixed in my stand mixer until a thinck dough formed. and pressed into tile.

Tea Bag and Tea bag pouch project.

DiY Projects photo 1

Tea Bag Pouches and Cloth Tea Bag Project

I used a stamp and fabric piant on the Pouch Do not use on the tea bag.

These can be ANY design and Color you choose!

The pictures below show me making an actual cloth tea bag.

use the Un opened tea bag as a template for the pouch and the Tea bag.

DiY Projects photo 2

Take one of the pieces and instead of sewing a pouch we are going to fold so we get a long tube.

Sew along long seem and what the bottom will be and turn it outside in so the seems are inside the tea bag.

Leave top open.

DiY Projects photo 3

Fill tea bag with approx 2 teaspoons Loose Tea of your choice

DiY Projects photo 4

Tie a knot and fold rough edge over the knot once and then again to keep raw edges enclosed.

Leave the Cotton String hanging out

and then stitch shut

DiY Projects photo 5

Stitch the top closed and

DiY Projects photo 6

The Top Left image is the teabag I just made The one below is a varrient.

DiY Projects photo 7

Close up of varrient.

DiY Projects photo 8

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What a great resource page for other DIY brides!

Thank you for the sweet comments. I am working on more of that butterfly garland today.

YOU are amazing - your DIYs are so creative and so personal!!!  I truly love the feel of all of your projects and I know your guests are going to be amazed with all your talent!  :)

I love the tea bags--what a great gift!