Mar 09, 2014


our wedding plans

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Getting finally to such a wonderful man I love so much! I have so muched to it isn't funny haha. But first bacground I'm lisa an I'm 26. We planned to get married on march 9 2013 but surprisingly during planning the wedding we became pregnant with an amazing lil boy yays an he's due next march 22 2013 so we decided to wait another year but we are having a small but sadly quick ceremony before our son gets then have the wedding we planned in 2014. Babies are just as expense as weddings an well the things he needs are important. I'm still planning an this extra time gives me a chance to be mommy an also get everything the way I want it for our wedding yay I love having more time to plan this. I have almost everything written done an worked out now is the time where I save up an periodically buy a few things along the way were doing this on a tight budget now.
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What a sweet story!!!  Congrats!