Mar 24, 2013


Girl Meets Boy

It was an uneventful Sunday night at work on the midnight shift back on July 20th 2009.  Taking a break from studying for my Paramedic class, I was surfing the internet to pass the time until the end of my shift.  I was browsing the Pets section of Craigslist when, for some reason, I found myself browsing the personal ads.  I was not looking for anything in particular, I just enjoyed reading what people would write about themselves and looking at pictures.  I came across an ad titled "Dynamite with a laser beam" and, although I had no idea what that meant, I clicked on it and began reading.  The writer, a 28-year old guy, explained that he was new to Maryland and did not know anyone here so he was looking to meet some new friends.  I was immediately drawn to how well spoken and intelligent he seemed, just in the few paragraphs he'd written... in my experience, it was rare to come across an ad that was spelled correctly and used correct punctuation like this one did!  I continued to read as this guy described himself and elaborated on what kinds of things he liked to do in his free time, what kinds of movies he liked, what kinds of foods he liked, etc.  As I read, I couldn't help but think that his description of himself sounded almost identical to how I would describe myself.  In just a few paragraphs, I knew that this was someone I could be friends with.  

I read a few more ads but the whole time I was thinking about "Dynamite with a laser beam" and wondering what it must feel like to move to a new place and not know anyone.  I've lived in Maryland for my entire life and I know ALOT of people, so I really couldn't even imagine what it would be like.  I decided to send an e-mail to this guy and befriend him.  At 2:57 am, I sent an e-mail and had no idea just how much that e-mail would change my life!  Later that day I got a reply e-mail from Brian and I guess the rest... is history! 

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What a crazy awesome story. It's it amazong how you got the feeling through an ad?! It was meant!

I love your story.So amazing!

On a side note I used to be an NREMT: EMT-Basic in Maine MA and Vermont.

What an amazing story! I love hearing different stories like this on how us gals met our better halves.  : )

Wow! Your story gave me goosebumps, it's just so incredible!! That is so amazing how you two met!