Mar 24, 2013


Our Kids (Pets)

When Brian and I first met, he mentioned that he "hated cats" - I thought right then that things would'nt go very far because I had an 11 year old cat "Myrtle" who wasn't going anywhere!  Later I found out that Brian was actually allergic to cats, which was the reason for his hatred of them.  The first time Brian came over to my house, his eyes swelled up and he got very wheezy.  After that he bought a huge box of Claritin to keep at my house... eventually Brian must've developed a tolerance for Myrtle because he no longer needs the Claritin anymore! Myrtle sleeps with us every night and loves her "brother-in-law" very much!  <3

Here is our old girl, Myrtle Jean who I've had since she was 5 weeks old... she is now 14.5 years old:

 Myrtle Jean  Myrtle Jean

Myrtle Jean


On October 3rd 2010, Brian and I went to Fallston Animal Rescue Movement Inc. to check out a litter of 6-week old beagle puppies that Brian had been watching online.  We had talked about getting a dog and Brian really liked beagles (he'd had one when he was growing up) - we had agreed that we'd rather have a little girl, but the litter of puppies only had 2 girls and one of them was already spoken for.  When we got there, we picked up the first puppy we saw and held it... it was a very sweet dog and was giving me lots of kisses.  The only "problem" was this puppy was a boy.  We held him for a few minutes and then put him down so we could look at the other puppies and give them some attention too.  The first puppy started crying and standing on his hind legs reaching for us to pick him up again.  None of the other puppies seemed as special as that first puppy did.  So we decided to adopt him.  On October 13th, we brought our boy home.  We named him "Murphy".  In the 2+ years that we've had him, Murphy has grown and grown and grown!  We discovered that instead of being 3/4 beagle and 1/4 hound as we'd thought, he is actually 3/4 hound and 1/4 beagle.  He is almost as tall as we are when he stands on his hind legs and he weighs over 70 lbs!  He's so much bigger than we wish he was, but we love our gentle giant! 

Here is Murphy:





On June 2nd 2011, a friend of mine posted a picture on Facebook of an orphaned newborn kitten she had found on her boyfriend's angus beef farm.  Her boyfriend wouldn't let her bring the kitten in the house and told her to put it back outside and "let nature take its course" - it was the beginning of June but it was very hot outside, with temperatures right around 100 degrees.  I couldn't bear the thought of the poor little kitten laying out there and dying, so I told my friend to bring the kitten to me.  I did this without even asking Brian... I just knew that he'd have a hard time saying no once he saw her.  My friend brought the itty bitty grey & white kitten to me and she was sooooo tiny!!!  She only weighed 100 grams (3.5 ounces) and her eyes weren't even open yet.  She didn't have a sucking reflex so feeding her was a challenge.  I took her to the vet who warned me that she might not make it, but I wasn't taking no for an answer.  We bottlefed this baby kitten every 2 hours, we bathed her and warmed her and helped her go to the bathroom... I was so meticulous with the care I gave this little life.  We named her "Molly" which eventually became "Molly Pop" which eventually became "Poppy" - this little firecracker rules our roost!  :)

Here is Poppy: 

Poppy  Poppy


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AWWWW!!!!  They are so freaking CUTE!!!

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