Aug 03, 2013


Bridesmaid attire

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I have three Angels in my life, three ladies that leave no doubt that they will be my friends forewer and I had so much fun asking tham to be my briesmaids. One teared up, was trembling and smiling from ear to ear :) The other was sreamming like creazy and the third one did know it for years and is just incredibly excited :)

So here is the dresses they orderd:


Soft Mesh Bustier-Kleid COLLECTION - Esprit Online-Shop

Its a really dark blue. You can wear it strapless too and the girls will wear these boleros:

All of them are beautifull,blonde, and light skined :) I am the only dark one in the crowd :)


I thought about buing them jewelery and clutches and making wrist coursages with just a few flowers instead of bouquets.

THe clotches I got for  6 Euro each, I made them wrist corsages out off nice pearl bracelets (2.99 € each) and a fabric hydragendea (6 € The hydragendea was big enoug to decorate all 3 corsages and I still have some left)

And the jewellery I bought from 1saleaday.com (well my lovely FI did :)


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I love this dress!  I think clutches would work nicely, but having bracelets and clutches and corsages would be a bit much.