Feb 09, 2013


Veil, Head Piece and Shoes

Ok so I finally purchased a veil from E-bay (my fav place to shop)today. I got a regular sized birdcage only $15 in ivory. I posted a pic about needing suggestions and i finally decided. I also got a pais of saldals for the ceremony since its on the beach. I bought some rhinestone flip-flops $10. I would normally never wear flips but for this occasion what would be easier?? Got my reception shoes from DSW for $40. Nice plum color very cute heels. Thanks to the ladies who helped me pick!! And i will post on the boards but i need help picking an applique for my headband that i will make will post everything below! 34 days to go!!


Veil Head Piece and Shoes photo 1 Veil Head Piece and Shoes photo 2Veil Head Piece and Shoes photo 3Veil Head Piece and Shoes photo 4


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Love these!

These accessories -- LOVE 'EM!!! So fabulous! 

Aww. That applique on the birdcage veil is going to look so darn good and I love your shoes! I got mine from DSW for 35 bucks!

All very nice! Love those purple shoes, and the applique for your headband, I very nearly did the same thing but am so not the crafty type! Can't wait to see how it turns out. Go DIY brides :)