Aug 31, 2013



Hey there! 

I'm from Menomonie, a small college town about an hour from the border of Wisconsin and Minnesota. My fiance, originally from the Appleton area, came over to my side of the state, fllowing his family and pursuing his engineering degree. He graduated college the fall semester I started college in 2010, but we managed to meet through the Christian group on campus, and have been inseperable ever since! 

We were engaged on August 5th of 2012, and the wedding's officially set for the 31st of August this year! So psyched that's only a few months away now. 

So far, we have a fall, rustic chic theme. The dresses are apple red, and sunflowers with wildflower accents will be the bouquets and flower arrangements. 

I've had a ton of fun creating my own DIY save the dates, and am in the process of making some beautiful invites from a pattern I found on this site just the other day! 

Congratulations to you other brides out there! I'm thoroughly enjoying this time as a bride to be, and can't wait to spend the rest of my life with my future hubby!

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