Mar 24, 2013



Invitations photo 1  Invitations photo 2

 Invitations photo 3  Invitations photo 4

Here are the invitations that Signatures By Sarah made for me... I ordered the invitation and 3 inserts:  Accommodations, Map/Directions, and RSVP.  I was going to have the RSVP be a postcard but Sarah was nice enough to let me know that it would be smaller than a standard postcard and some people have reported that they got lost, so I changed my mind and decided I'd include an envelope with them.  They are actually the same invitation that my bridesmaid friend co-worker Christy had for her wedding, but Sarah did make a few changes to them for me... first she did them in my wedding colors (black, white, pink & grey), then she added some flowers to the corners of my inserts, and I also used different wording.  Once I got the invitations printed, I decided to "dress them up" a little by adding some bling:

Invitations photo 5   Invitations photo 6

                     before the "bling"                                                          after the "bling"

At first I wasn't sure if I liked how the "bling" looked - I thought it might be considered ghetto.  But the more I looked at it, the more I really liked it... I feel like it made them pop!  :)


Invitations photo 7

I mounted the invitations onto an onyx colored Signature Pocketfold that I ordered from Cards and Pockets (I love how shimmery they look!).  I also had one of my favorite pictures of us printed in black & white as a wallet size and used black adhesive photo corners that I got from the craft store to attach the pictures to the invitations. 


Invitations photo 8

As a closure for the front of the invitations, I had one of my monograms (I think this one is my favorite!) printed on white cardstock and then I double-mounted it first onto a shimmery silver cardstock (I think it looks great with the shimmery onyx pocketfold!) and then onto a pink cardstock that was pretty close to the "watermelon" color of the bridesmaid dresses.  I attatched them to the front of the invitation with double-sided tape. 

Invitations photo 9

ready for stuffing!  :)

Invitations photo 10 Invitations photo 11

my girls Myrtle & Molly were very eager to "help" with the invitations!  :)

Invitations photo 12

all ready to be mailed out!  I dropped them off at the Post Office after work on January 14th...

Invitations photo 13

... and we got our first RSVP back on January 18th... a yes!  :)


The invitations turned out to be ALOT more work than I had anticipated but I LOVE the way they turned out so it was definitely worth all the trouble.  Everyone has raved about how much they love them too, which makes me feel really good!  :)

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Your invitations are awesome! I absolutely love the colours aswell as your monogramm!

These came out perfect, you can just see how much work you put into them! and Hoooray for the first yes, here's hoping to many more quick RSVPs!