Mar 24, 2013


centerpieces (DIY)

centerpieces DIY photo 1

For my centerpieces I decided to do a 12-inch x 12-inch mirror with 1 tall vase and 2 short vases for candles.  Each of the tall vases will have some pink "gel balls" in the bottom and 1 long stemmed rose inside to give the illusion of a "floating flower".  I'm also going to put a few rose petals and a few crystals on top of the mirror as an added decoration.  ***the flower in this picture is artificial but on my wedding day I will be using fresh flowers... the candles in this picture are also not the right candles but they were all I could find at the time.  the real candles are a little taller, a little bigger around, and white instead of this ugly off-white/yellowish color***

These mirrors are atleast $7 or $8 EACH at the craft stores so I was trying to figure out a way to get them for cheaper when I got the idea to use mirror tiles from the hardware store.  They come in packs of 6 and they had ones with beveled edges (that's what I got) and ones without.  Unfortunately the ones with the beveled edges are twice the cost of the ones without but I think they look much nicer so it's worth it.  For a pack of 6 beveled edge mirror tiles, it costs $20 which makes them roughly $3.33 each... that's still cheaper than the craft store, even after using a coupon! 

centerpieces DIY photo 2

centerpieces DIY photo 3

I bought a pack of monogram "M" stickers from Michael's for just a couple bucks, so I decided to mount them to some watermelon colored cardstock and cut them out so that a little bit of pink showed on all 4 sides of the monogram.  Originally I was only going to do one of them per candle but I had enough monograms left over that I decided to put two on each candle, one on the "front" and one on the "back" so that it would be visible no matter where you're sitting at the table. 

centerpieces DIY photo 4

I got all of my glass vases from Dollar Tree for $1 each, which sounded cheap at the time but it really adds up!  The worst part about them was trying to get the stickers off the bottoms of the glass and then trying to get rid of the adhesive residue... what a pain in the butt!  But once I developed a system, it wasn't so bad.  I bought the candles in packs of 3 from A.C. Moore and used a 50% off coupon for each one, which meant making many, many trips to the store since you could only use 1 coupon per person, per day.  Thank God for my Aunt who went with me or it would've taken even longer! 

centerpieces DIY photo 5

I used ribbon to wrap around the middle of the jar... I knew that I wanted to use watermelon colored ribbon and silver ribbon but I couldn't decide whether I wanted to do silver on the bottom and watermelon on the top or watermelon on the bottom with silver on the top.  I really liked both and I considered doing one of each but my OCD quickly reared its ugly head and I realized that I needed to pick one or the other.  I polled my friends on Facebook to see which one got the most votes.  Everyone seemed to like the one on the left better, so I did all of them that way... and then after they were all finished, people started telling me they liked the one on the right better.  Oh well, you can't please everyone!  :)

centerpieces DIY photo 6

the finished candles!  :)

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thanks ladies!  :)

AngelaB, I bought them at Lowes but I've seen them at Home Depot too.  At Home Depot they were in the bathroom section and at Lowes they were in the mirror/wall hanging section. 

NikkiJinMD33, Where did you buy the mirrors, what hardware store? Please and thanks.

Okay, you did a FANTASTIC job on these, lady!!  WOW!  :D

I love all the work you put into these! They look amazing!