Nov 10, 2012


The Honeymoon!

We started by getting up at oh-dark-thirty Friday morning to get to the airport.  We flew into Florida to sunny skies.  We navigated the airport (and I resisted buying anything Disney there) to pick up our bags and get outside to our ride to Cocoa Beach.  We got dropped off at our hotel, checked in, and headed out to explore.  

Saturday morning we got ready and went out to grab some coffee before heading to the beach.  (I promise to put some pics in as this is a work-in-progress.)  We spent a good hour or so there before heading back to check out of our room and pick up the next ride to take us to the ship.

I was pleasantly surprised at the port that the lines were moving along fairly quickly.  It was still 1/2 hour + before we got on the ship but it was all anticipation while going through each line.  We found our room, dropped our bags and headed for food!  We spent a couple of hours checking out the ship (Carnival Dream) and we were on deck for departure.  Even though cruising is much more casual these days we chose to "dress" for dinner every night.  To me it adds to the cruising experience and it also designates a change from what we do in our everyday lives.

The second day was our first full day at sea.  We did more exploring, more eating and joining in on the ship's activities.  Dinner was "formal" and we got to meet the Captain.  We also received a heart shaped chocolate cake that said "Happy Honeymoon" from our travel agent.

Our first stop was Cozumel, Mexico.  There's at least 4 different places where the ship could dock.  We were eager to get off the ship and do some shopping.  We found most of what we wanted (and then some!) and headed back to the ship.

The next day was Belize.  It was gray and cloudy when the ship stopped off shore and we had to tender in to Belize.  We did some shopping (a bit more reserved than the free-for-all the day before) and did the chocolate factory tour and "made" our own chocolate bars.  Our chocolate needed time to form so we took a tour of the city.  I'll just say that it's not a really wealthy city and move on.

Wednesday was our stop at Mahogany Bay - Roatan, Honduras.  It was raining when we went to have breakfast and it rained as we went ashore too.  This was our day to go snorkeling as we were told that there was a beach not far from the pier - so we didn't mind the rain.  We did our shopping first (and got the first stamp in our new passports!) then headed to the beach.  The first thing I did was step on a huge conch shell!  I showed DH and he carried it around the water with us so we could take a pic when we got out.  He found a sea cucumer and some brain coral.  Of course we took pics and put everything back into the water.

Our last trip ashore was Costa Mesa, Mexico.  Just like everywhere else they had a nice little shopping area at the pier for those of us getting off the ship.  We looked around though had little money to spend at this point.  What we did spend our money on was a chance to hold a leopard cub.  A "rescue" organization was letting people hold them and take pictures with them for a fee as a fundraiser.  Since DH is such a big cat-person I thought that this was an opportunity not to miss.  The cubs were about as big as our house cat.  One was rather feisty trying to chew on the shirt of the person holding him.  Ours was really lethargic which had me concerned.  But he was so cute and DH was in heaven!  We got one "official" photo printed by them and we got to take as many of our own as we wanted.  I have to admit it was pretty cool.  We managed to avoid a downpour as I was watching the clouds, then we headed back to the ship.

Our last day on board was rainy.  We watched it rain while we were having breakfast and we figured out what we were going to do for the day that didn't involve going out on deck.  It was a very relaxing/low-key kind of day.

We arrived back in Florida to a warm sunny day.  We got off the ship early and went to meet our shuttle back to the airport.  Small snafu in that our driver did not know where the Disney Transportation desk was.  We had to ask in the airport - and we had a couple (with kids) following us!  Anyway, we got to the right floor and found the desk and our transportation out to DisneyWorld.  We didn't even have to wait to hop a bus to take us to our hotel!  Once we got there we noticed that the hotel lobby was "dressed up" for Christmas.  We didn't have to wait long to get checked in and our room was ready and it wasn't even noon yet!  We dropped our luggage in the room then got ready to head to Downtown Disney.  We picked up our mugs (Dining Plan) and a snack (Mickey shaped goodies) and headed to the gift shop.  A quick trip through there and out the door to wait for the bus.  (I didn't want to spend all my money in the hotel...)  Once in Downtown Disney we went through a couple of shops before we headed for lunch.  I had my notepad with list of what I wanted to see and where I wanted to shop, plus the map of DD, so we headed to the farthest place and made our way back to the bus stop.  We were both quite tired and ready to head back so we decided to have dinner at the food court in the hotel.  Dinner was ok, we ended up with extra drinks and dessert and went to our room to rest before heading to the park the next day.

The first day at the Magic Kingdom

The second day at Epcot

The third day at Hollywood Studios

The last day at the Magic Kingdom

We had to be up at o'dark-thirty again to catch our plane(s) back home, but everything went quite smoothly.

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Sounds like it was fun! :D

Where did you cruise?? I've gone on 3 so far, but I want to try some new places!