Mar 24, 2013


Table Numbers - DIY

I am DIY'ing my table numbers using a Tolsby picture frame from IKEA.  What I like best about these picture frames (besides their price of $.99 each!) is that they're 2-sided so the table number can be seen from both sides of the table.  Here is what the frame looks like:


Table Numbers DIY photo 1

One downfall about these frames is that they only come in white, blue, orange and green... which means I'm going to have to paint them.  I bought some silver metallic spray paint and I've just been waiting for a warm day to do the painting.  The problem is that I live in Maryland and it's winter... warm days aren't very common here during the winter and usually whenever we have a warm day it's too windy to try to spray paint something outside.  It looks like Wednesday is going to be about 65 degrees here, so that might just be my day!  :)

I made the actual numbers out of a thick glittery pink cardstock that I think I found at Michael's.  I used 3" vinyl number stickers that I put on top of the cardstock and then removed once I had cut the numbers out. 

Table Numbers DIY photo 2

Here is what the numbers looked like when they were finished:

Table Numbers DIY photo 3

I haven't decided what color cardstock I want to use to mount them onto when I put them in the frames.  Since the frames will be silver and the numbers are prink, I feel like using pink or silver/grey cardstock would be too much but at the same time I feel like black would be too dark and white would be too plain.  I'm also thinking I'd like to add one of my monograms to either the top or the bottom of the cardstock.  I'm probably going to go with either this one: 

Table Numbers DIY photo 4

or this one: 

Table Numbers DIY photo 5

Here are the frames being painted:


the paint is all messed up on this frame... don't mind that part, it will definitely be fixed before the big day!  :)

Here they are, all ready to go!  :)

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Nikki, I am truly LOVING all of the beautiful and personalized details that you're making for your wedding!  Your guests are going to be amazed with all these lovely details - I know I am!!  :)


I think it turned out perfectly.  They're beautiful.