Mar 24, 2013


Guest "Book" Fingerprint Tree

Intead of the traditional Guest "Book", I'm going to have a "Fingerprint Tree" (18"x24") where people can stamp their fingerprints as leaves on the tree and then sign their name next to their fingerprint.  I ordered the tree from YourKeepsakeCo on Etsy, for $19.50 and then had it printed at FedEX Kinko's for $23.00.  Here's what the file looked like:

Guest Book Fingerprint Tree photo 1

I bought a pack of 4 different greenish colored ink pads from Amazon for $8.56 (and FREE shipping thanks to Prime!), but I think I'll probably only use 3 out of the 4 colors (cottage ivy, bamboo leaves & pear tart) - New Sprout doesn't look very leaf-like to me!  ;)

Guest Book Fingerprint Tree photo 2

I bought a frame for the tree at A.C.Moore... it was regularly $25.99 but I had a coupon that was good for 50% off any one item, so I got it for $13.00!  :)  Here's what the Fingerprint Tree looks like in the frame:

Guest Book Fingerprint Tree photo 3

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Oh I love it!!

Dh and I did this for our wedding, it now hangs in our living room and I look at it everyday. It's one of my favorite pieces!

Ahhh, this is going to look so great once all the thumb prints are on it from your wedding day!!  What an awesome memento!!

Love it!