Mar 24, 2013


Will You Marry Me...???

Brian had planned on proposing to me at the location of our first date, The Melting Pot in Columbia, Maryland.  But because I know Brian so well and I am so perceptive (he says I should've been a detective and no, I didn't snoop... I really did pick up on his awkward nervousness and the hints he didn't realize he was giving me!) I figured out his plan before he'd had a chance to execute it.  I called a friend of mine and told her what I thought was going to take place... she told me that I better act excited and I swore that I would.  She asked me if I wanted to go get a manicure with her the day before, but I told her I didn't want to because then he would know that I knew... I brought a bottle of fingernail polish to work with me and hoped that I might have a chance sometime that day to throw a coat of paint on my nails.

At about 2:45 pm (about 20 minutes or so before the end of my work day) on Friday, May 11th, I was turned around facing the corner working the busiest channel we have (Southern Patrol) and I'd just had a car chase... I turned around for something and was completely shocked to see Brian behind me on one knee.  He had a dozen long stemmed red roses in one hand and a ring box in the other.  He said "Nikki J, will you marry me?"  When I say that I was COMPLETELY in shock, I am not exaggerating... in fact, the only words I could get out of my mouth were "what are you doing here?!"  He had the biggest grin on his face and, since I hadn't actually answered his question, asked me "aren't you going to answer me?"  OF COURSE I said yes!  All my co-workers started clapping (one of them had been videotaping it) - I'll never forget it.  

It turns out that when I called my friend to tell her that I suspected when and how he was going to propose, she called Brian and told him.  He'd said "no, I don't think she knows... I made up another excuse and I think she bought it." - my friend said "I'm telling you, SHE KNOWS... you'd better figure something out!"  While it would've been very sweet for Brian to propose where we'd had our first date, this was just as memorable! 

Will You Marry Me photo 1

Will You Marry Me photo 2

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Oh what a proposal! 

What a beautiful proposal!!  And a gorgeous ring to match!!

What an amazing story! You are a very lucky woman!

That is so sweet!