Mar 24, 2013


The BLING!!!

Brian had my ring made in Chicago by a close friend of the family who is a jeweler, Sylvia E.  She also made his parents' wedding rings almost 35 years ago!  When Brian told his mom that he was going to propose, she told him that she wanted to give him 2 small diamonds that had belonged to her mother (who died a few years before Brian & I met) to be incorporated in either the engagement ring or the wedding band.  When I learned about this, I was so shocked (in a good way)!  I'm a very sentimental person, so having my ring made by the same jeweler who made his parents' rings and using diamonds that belonged to his grandmother has such a special meaning to me.  It also made me feel like it was his mother's way of accepting me into their family, officially.  Brian decided to use his grandmother's diamonds in the engagement ring, placed on either side of the center stone. 

The BLING photo 1

I talked to Sylvia E. about having our rings engraved.  I wanted the inside of my engagement ring to say "Brian & Nikki" and my wedding band to have our wedding date engraved inside of it - March 24, 2013. 

The BLING photo 2  The BLING photo 3

I had the inside of Brian's wedding band engraved too... it says the same thing as my rings but since his band is twice the width of mine, Brian & Nikki is on the top line and March 24, 2013 is on the bottom.

The BLING photo 4

My engagement ring & wedding band together.

The BLING photo 5

My engagement ring and Brian's wedding band together.

The BLING photo 6

The BLING photo 7

The rings!

The BLING photo 8

Not too much longer before I'll get to wear this on my finger every day... I can't wait!

The BLING photo 9

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LOVELY.  You must be sooooo excited - you'll be able to wear your wedding band soon!!!

WOW! What a gorgeous set, and with so much meaning to it!

I absolutely love all three rings!

Lovin' the bling!!! Gorgeous!