Sep 21, 2014


Venues, Venues, and more Venues

So, I know myself pretty well.  When I fall in love with something, I have to have it! Thats just me, I know when I like something, and I know when its just ok.  Well picking a venue was no different.  I had seen seven degrees back on PW back in August when I was helping a friend look for a venue.  I tucked the venue away, hoping that soon I would be planning my own wedding and I could go see the venue.  So two weeks after I got engaged I went to see Seven Degrees.  I loved it! I had to have it.  Except there was one glaring issue, it was over my budget!!! When I say over budget, I am not referring to just the ceremony reception budget.  I am referring to my entire budget and it was not just a little over, it was WWAYYYYY over! I was devastated.  Yep, I cried I was so disappointed.  After, I started to hit the books, websites, magazine, and every other source I had to find another venue.  I visited a few but the truth was, I just wasnt feeling it.  I was super sad.  A few weeks go by and FI says, lets go look at one more venue.  It was my second choice based on the internet so I was willing to give it a fair shot.  Once I got there, I realized the venue was gorgeous but it just wasnt for me.  When I asked FI what his thoughts were he said, "its meh, and not Seven Degrees" after days of debating he finally said the words I needed to hear.  We negotiated, worked hard, and now I get my dream venue, Seven Degrees in Laguna Beach! I am stoked!

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