Sep 28, 2013


The Faivre's

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It all happened on a Tuesday in March 2012. Trent Faivre was trying to decide whether to go out or not and Kristin Lundquist just finished a night in class. Trent's friend convinced him to go grab a drink down on University and Kristin decided to go see her friend's comedy show.


I decided to have a night out after a boring class and couldnt wait to grab a beer at the The Auld Dubliner. This is not my favorite bar and it was incredibly packed, but I felt the need to go support my friend. I was with a few people and one of them went outside to smoke. She was gone for a really long time and came back inside, she told me she was talking to a border patrol agent. I promptly told her that they were all.. we shall say "jerks"... and to come back inside but she refused. After awhile we all went to go check on her, I grabbed my flimsy jacket and headed out into the cold. We walked through the door and I looked the my left, the most gorgeous man I have ever seen was sitting at a table and looked up at me, we locked eyes and I was done for. After 15 minutes of talking he offered me his jacket and the rest is history.... So excited to Marry my Best Friend :)


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What a great story - from both of your perspectives!  Very cool!  You both look very happy and in love!