Jun 29, 2013


Our Story

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We met in April 2006 at an international party at Casbah Lounge in San Mateo, CA. The room was filled with a mostly Arab crowd and a few non Arabs. I danced with my friends and the night was turning out to be a typical fun night out. I noticed Ali for the first time out of the corner of my eye as he was dancing towards me. Even though it was Arabic music playing, he decided to try his moves on the dance floor. I couldn't help but dance with him and liked how he had no fear of dancing to Arabic music, despite not being Arab. Things moved so fast after we met, we quickly realized we lived in the same city and went to the same school. Unfortunately,  at the time we were both overwhelmed with our personal lives and decided to go our separate ways. Exactly a year later, we reconnected almost exactly to the date that we had met. Here we are five years later still going strong!!! We are here today ready to share our special day with all the people that have been there watching our relationship grow! It has truly been a journey as we have faced many obstacles and challenges getting to this point in our lives. Neither one of us ever anticipated getting thus far, but it happened and we are so thankful it did. Ali and I are truly an extraordinary partnership and we value each other so much! We are of two different backgrounds and are two totally different people in many ways, but we share the same values and the same dreams. We are so excited to turn the next chapter in our lives and good times up ahead!

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Awww! I just loved reading this! How beautiful!