Jun 01, 2013


Bridal Attire

My shoes from David's Bridal in Wisteria.  I wanted to find something in a light purple, preferably with a little sparkle, but had no such luck.  This was the 4th pair of shoes I ordered!  I just could not find the perfect shoe... they were either too high, too low, too light, too whatever!  I call my struggle The Shoe Saga!  LOL.  I may add a little bling on the bow, I haven't quite decided.  These are perfect.  I should've ordered them when I saw them in the beginning of my search.

Bridal Attire photo 1

With a little bit of bling...

My earrings, also from David's Bridal.  Love them!  I wanted a chandelier earring with bling that would not be hidden in my hair (my hair will be down on my wedding day).  And my bracelet (sorry for the bad pic) from Sear's of all places!  My mom found it and I loved it because it has the purple stones in it.

Bridal Attire photo 2Bridal Attire photo 3

My garter... the 1st pic is what I ordered online.  It looked simple with a little bit of bling.  But, when I recieved it, the so-called-bling was yellowed.  I removed it and added my own bling and now it's perfect (see 2nd pic)!  Sorry the pictures aren't the best... I really need to upgrade my camera.

Mine and my daughters flip flops for the reception:

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Ohh I wanted purple shoes so bad, great find!