Nov 02, 2013



Wow, I am almost finished getting the bridesmaids together. I have ten bridesmaids (wow 10 - I just couldn't say no to my children and my nieces). Dresses are ordered and shoes are purchased already.  I have three bridesmaids bouquets to finish. And I have to get the jewelry. Wow things are coming together, I can't wait for November 2, 2013.

UPDATE: WOO HOO, I am totally finished with my bridesmaids. Dresses - done, shoes - done, jewelry - done, bouquets - done, gift bags for the bridesmaids - done. I am so proud of myself. Now on to conquer the rest of the wedding. :)

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I can't wait to see pictures! 

WOW! how on the ball are you? Great job.

It sounds like you are in the groove of getting the girls together and getting their accessories and dresses done! Can't wait to see them!