Jul 13, 2013



These were the inspiration...

Centerpieces photo 1

I decided to DIY them in silver since silver goes with our theme..

I used mason jars and wine and other botles that I got from friends and family, and also restaurants (if you ask them to give you some empty ones they are happy to do so). The paint, glitter and ribbon came very cheap. I thing the hole bunch cost much less than 100$. 

First I soaced them to remove the lables and dirt:

Centerpieces photo 2 

All clean and shiny:

Centerpieces photo 3

Then I put tape were I wanted the glitter to stop on the jars:

Centerpieces photo 4 Centerpieces photo 5

Put some glue:

Centerpieces photo 6

And roll it in the glitter:

Centerpieces photo 7 Centerpieces photo 8

For the botles I spray them with silver paint and immediately drizled glitter on top to stick to the fresh paint.

I let them dry and seel the paint and glitter with som spray of clear top coat paind.

I let then dry again..

Centerpieces photo 9

I removed the tape from the jars and put white ribbon on the top. I did noy glue the ribbon, just tied it.

And this is how they are suposed to look on the big day:

The botles will have babys breath in, and the jars candles

Centerpieces photo 10

I made 150 of each.

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150!! okay,now im straight up intimidated,lol..

Great job

Thanks ladies!! 

Tressy yes! 150 of each! Quite a work out I may say... 

Jeez you did a great job and you made 150? Great work! I love it!