May 18, 2013


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Hello everybody

I suppose the bio section is here to say somenthing about ourselves so here let me inroduce myself.

My name is Artemis and i live in Athens Greece.

To describe myself with a few words i would say that i am a vintage lover, a free thinker, a shoe junkie (seriusly now aren't we all?) & an eccentric dresser.

Wanna know more?

Well also i eat too much, drink too much coffee and swear enough to make sailors blush...
Not a great cook tho my son survived!lol
Honest,i love bubble gum machines,also hooked on mystery movies i'm selfish, impatient, and a little (in)secure..
I make mistakes, i'm outta control and at times hard to handle, bu as they say "if you can't handle me at my worst, you sure as hell don't deserve my best"Who said that?Marilyn?Wise girl she was...

Anyhoodle let's talk about weddings!

My first was about ten years ago but it ended up badly and i got a divorce.

So i was a very happy divorcee with a good job and a lively little boy,i was blonde then life was good and then one day i met with a guy that we where talking on facebook and tadaaaa we fell in love :))

Now we are about to marry (in two months) and life couldn't be better!

So there it is my bio.

What else...what else...i don't know...

I see here on the side that i had 23 bio views;sorry guys i wasn't here at the time but please come back anytime and maybe you could have some suggestions about what else to whrite on my bio!






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Thank you my dear Uhlease.Nice to meet you too :D

Congratulations! Nice to meet you :)