May 18, 2013


DIY activity book -german edition-

I really liked the idea of an activity book, because we have so many friends and family with kids coming. The age ist between 4 and 12 and I wanted to have something for everyone (at east some parts) However, I hardly could find any material in German that were wedding-related.

So I had to be creative :-) I used the same font and our monogramm. printed it out and tied it together with satin band in purple.

DIY activity book in German photo 1

I included:

  • pics where they can color (e.g. a model of the oldtimer we use)
  • wordpuzzle
  • labyrinth
  • rebus
  • a draft to draw, what they are wearing that day
  • a place where they can paint apic for us
  • spot the difference

I will put that on a table with jars full of coloring pens (no markers because auf the antique furniture)

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