Mar 24, 2013


place cards (DIY)

I looked at a bunch of different place cards but I didn't really like any of the ones that I saw so I decided to make my own... I really like being able to personalize things a little more. 

I used 12"x12" sheets of textured cardstock paper (the color is "berrylicious" but it is very similar to my bridesmaid dress color) that I found on sale at Michael's and I cut them into 3.75" long x 3" wide squares and then folded them in half.  Then I used plain white cardstock that I cut into 1" wide x 3" long strips and rounded the edges using my corner rounder.  I attached the white cardstock to the textured cardstock using double sided tape.

  place cards DIY photo 1     place cards DIY photo 2

I also found a smooth, shimmery silver scrapbook paper that I used a heartshaped punch to make little hearts that I attached to the left side of the place card using Mini Glue Dots.  My plan is to write the table number inside the heart.

      place cards DIY photo 3     place cards DIY photo 4

place cards DIY photo 5

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I love them!!They look really cute oxox

They look great! You did a very very good job with them!