Mar 24, 2013


Let them eat CAKE!

My wedding cake is being made by a local grocery store "Shop Rite" in Bel Air.  A friend of mine got her wedding cake from there a few months ago and raved about how beautiful and delicious the cake was, all while being relatively inexpensive compared to other estimates she'd received.  I saw her cake and agreed that it was absolutely gorgeous so I thought I'd give them a try.  Brian and I went and met with the Head Baker to discuss the specifics (size, cake flavors & fillings) but until just a few days ago (2 weeks before the wedding!) I had no idea what I wanted the cake to look like.  I had thought it would be a good idea to look at pictures of cakes online so that I could get ideas... that turned out to be a BAD idea for me because I was overwhelmed with the possibilities!  lol

So anyway... the cake is going to have 3 tiers and each tier is approximately 4" tall; the bottom tier will be 16" around, the middle tier will be 12" around and the top tier will be 8" around.  Each tier will feature a different cake and filling flavor.  I knew that I wanted to have a pink ribbon around the bottom of each tier but I had a hard time finding the right color and width.  After many, MANY trips to various craft stores and many visits to the ribbon aisles, I finally found something that would work at Joann's Etc.  The ribbon color is called "berrylicious" and it is very similar to the ribbon I used on my cardbox.  I really wanted to find 1" wide but that was impossible so I had to go with 7/8" which I guess is close enough.

Last week I went to a place called the Wedding & Cake Cottage in White Marsh, Maryland with my aunt and we found some cute silver heart-shaped "garland" that they had placed on top of a ribbon and displayed on a cake.  I thought that would look really cute on my cake so we bought some of that. 

Let them eat CAKE photo 1

I hadn't been able to decide on a cake topper that I liked so originally I wasn't going to have a cake topper at all but while we were there, we saw these little monogram letters that are so simple, yet so pretty. 

Let them eat CAKE photo 2   Let them eat CAKE photo 3

Since I felt like the cake was going to be relatively small, I wanted something to make it stand out a little more.  In some of the many pictures of cakes I'd looked at, they had some gorgeous silver cake stands that had tons of detail in them.  I called around to various rental places to see if I could find one to rent but I didn't have any luck.  So I ordered one on Amazon and it was delivered the next day!

Let them eat CAKE photo 4

I had planned to have all 3 layers sitting right on top of each other but now I think I want the top tier to be seperated by some columns, like this:

Let them eat CAKE photo 5

So now my vision of the cake is FINALLY starting to come together!  I want to have a pearl beading of icing to edge the top of each tier and the baker is going to make some gum paste flowers to have on the top tier around the monogram.

A friend of mine likes to draw in his free time so I asked him to sketch the cake for me... this is his rough sketch:

Let them eat CAKE photo 6

On the table itself, I want to have some rose petals and some votive candles... here is my inspiration for that:

Let them eat CAKE photo 7  Let them eat CAKE photo 8


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These look awesome!

Great sketch!! And that looks beautiful! ANd hopefully yummy! lol

Awesome rough sketch!