Apr 25, 2013


the dress!

So... I did what some of you may consider to be the ultimate in risky bridal behavior/ poor decision making.  I ordered my dress online, site unseen.  From China.  For $200.  And it's set to arrive one week before we depart for Maui.  I know, I know, I'm nuts!  I'm just considering this as an exercise in faith ;)  

I was looking for a beach-appropriate wedding gown at a killer price.  Something sweet, simple and flattering.  I found it on www.inweddingdress.com  Here's a photo of the dress (can be found under their "beach wedding dresses" tab):

my dress

I have no idea who made the dress originally, how much it's supoposed to cost or how luxurious the fabric is supposed to be.  I'm planning on getting it pretty roughed up in the surf and sand so it made  more sense to go for something so ridiculously affordable and risk it not being all that perfect.  There were 71 reviews of this dress, so I felt a little relief.

Most of the reviews were picture requests, but I did find someone who left a glowing review of her gown and even offered up her e-mail address to anyone who wanted to see photos of it from her wedding day.  I e-mailed her and she got back to me with some of the most lovely wedding pictures I've ever seen!  She and her husband live on Oahu and had a wedding on the beach very much like the one I am planning.  I was instantly at ease, and we are now facebook friends  ;)

So with that reassurance behind me, I got my measurements taken and ordered the dress right away.  That was on March 2.  I have a couple weeks until it's set to arrive and I promise to take detailed photos and leave a full review of my honest thoughts.  I have seen more brides asking about inweddingdress (and other similar companies) than actual personal experiences so hopefully mine will help someone out there.

Fingers crossed!  :)

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I love the dress!! So exciting its on its way. Im sure you have nothing to worry about. Soon the only way your going to be able to get anything is gonna be through the web.

wow what a beautiful dress. i imagine it wil be perfect on you. 

It looks like it will flow beautifully!!! Can't wait to see you in it!

That dress is stunning! And I can picture it perfectly on the beach, can't wait to see pics!! Fingers crossed for you :)