Sep 27, 2013


My Dress (finally)

So originally when we had planned to have a surprise wedding this May, I had gotten a dress from Davids Bridal.  Mermaid, satin, ivory, with a ivory bolero with lots of pretty detail.  Because we were going to get married on such short notice, I had to go with a dress in store, rather than order because nothing would have gotten here on time.  The dress was pretty - but still wasn't 100% what I was looking for. Never wanted an ivory dress--I wanted white. So I was settling.

Our venue for our surprise wedding fell through, so that's when we pushed the date back to back to September 27th at the Hilton.  Now a Friday evening fall wedding, the whole amibance was changing.  The dress I had was just NOT going to do.  So I returned the dress I had gotten from David's Bridal, got my depsit back in store credit, and began the hunt again.

I was considering getting a replica made from Miss Fish Bridal but something in my gut wouldn't let me purchase that dress yet.  Something said "hold off".  So I did.

One day 2 weeks ago FI and I went out to dinner and then came home to watch tv and snuggle.  I was on eBay on my iPad and out of habit these days I start searching for anything wedding related I may need.  I decided to browse wedding gowns.  So I did my search - white, mermaid/trumpet, size 10/12.  Tons, and tons of dresses.  I came across one dress that was exactly what I was looking for.  White, lovely detail, mermaid, and even had a jacket to match (I am very self conscious of my arms).  The "buy it now" price on the dress was $900.  Starting bid was $100, with no bids yet- 5 days left on the auction.  Never worn.  Bride was selling it because she chose to go with an ivory dress instead of white (ha!). So I watched and stalked this auction like you wouldn't believe.  I refused to "buy it now" because I just knew I could get it at a lower price than the $900.  Well the day of the auction end, no bids.  I won the dress for $100, and $45 shipping.  Man oh man was I excited.  But now the true test - will this mofo fit?!?  So I wait patiently for 3 days for it to come.  It arrived this past Friday.  I tried to get it on myself but I kept getting tangled up (don't laugh..lol).  So I waited for one of my good friends/bridesmaids to come over that evening to help me try it on.

The dress is PERFECT!! Fits like a glove and absolutely no alterations needed - not even the length which surprises me because I am a shorty doo wop and at 5'3 and change, everything is too long for me.  Now don't get me wrong, I could use a little more room in the hips so I am more comfortable when I sit, but I have 6 months to work on that.  I just have to be sure not to gain any weight.

Below is the pic that was on eBay, and then pics of me in it!

My Dress finally photo 1

My Dress finally photo 2

My Dress finally photo 3

My Dress finally photo 4

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love your dress!

Wow what a great deal for an amazing dress

What a GREAT deal!! You look absoloutely stunning in your dress!!!


You look gorgeous!!! WOW!!!