Jul 13, 2013


The venue

Our venue is called “Pavlicio Palace”. A bit tacky name but, ow well, it’s a nice hall.  This is a very specific type of hall: A “wedding hall”.

There are a number of wedding halls across Cyprus and they are called like that because they are used mainly for open type weddings (see the post “planning a Big Fat Cyprus Wedding”).  Hotels and other places are not an option for an open type wedding because they cannot accommodate large numbers of guests, plus, if they did, it would be very-very expensive. But wedding halls can accommodate a large number of guests, they don’t charge extra for linens, chair covers ect, and they are very affordable.

There are a few down sides to the whole deal such as that the menu most of the times is “fixed” so is a take it or leave it kinda thing and it’s always a buffet style dinner. And they are not very beautiful form the outside. They just look like big warehouses most of the times. 

Our venue offers 5 salads, 6 appetizers (like olives, yogurt, tahini etc) and 10 hot choices that make the main meal, local frouts and local alcohol, all for the price of just 10€ per person.

No one makes a sitting arrangement in this type of halls so there is no need for a bride to stress over sitting arrangements, escort carts or any of that stuff.

The guests simply walk into the hall thought the decorated entrance, congratulate the couple that is standing at the end of the “entrance aisle”, go to the buffet, get served and sit wherever they like (except the heat table of course).

These are pics from our wedding hall. The decorated it in yellow for the needs of the photography, but every couple does its own decorations. In our wedding is will be just white with silver accents from the centerpieces I DIYed.

The venue photo 1 

The venue photo 2

The venue photo 3

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Well it depents on the euro/dolar exchange rate but it's roughly 12-13 dollars maybe?

I don't know how much 10€ would be in US dollars but it sounds like a great price for that beautiful setting! We usually have something like this too, but they are all-purpose halls for any type of celebration and they aren't cheap or nearly as nice! This is gorgeous!

I love the timeless elegant look. Lovely.