Jun 20, 2009


Engagement Story

The proposal was a complete suprise on a Sunday afternoon, Sept. 7, 2008. We drove out to Blue Hen Falls and then hiked our way off the beaten path to Buttermilk Falls. The day was gorgeous and sunny and the moment was priceless. We were alone next to the falls and were taking pictures.

Engagement Story photo 1

I like to say that had I known the proposal was on way, I would have done two things: set my camera’s self- timer to 15 seconds instead of 10, and I would’ve dressed nicer. However, the photo captured a beautiful moment without either of those things, and I wouldn’t change it.

Brian likes to say that he proposed in the woods so that if refused, he could leave the alone without anyone seeing. But when he got down on one knee and held the ring and asked the question, there was never any doubt about the answer.

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