May 11, 2013


~{ SURPRISE!! }~

13 more days. Yep. Just under 2 weeks untill the "Big Day". Beings me and Alex already got legally married in december this is really just a re-newing of our vows for our families. But boy do i have some stuff to catch yall up on. So a few days after my first post ( Little Catch Up ) I found out that my wedding dress no longer fit and was WAY BEYOND alterations. I would have needed another 6 inchs to get it to fit. But I also found out WHY my dress is now to small. We are expecting our first child!!! YAY!!! I am 11 weeks today! So we have been doing ALOT of baby prep. 


But back to the wedding stuff. We finaly booked a venue. phew. I got a new wedding dress. Really all thats left is a BUNCH of little stuff. We ended up not doing the converses we planned on. I fell in love with a pair of purple heels. ^-^ So yeah. its all starting to come together finally. Im now trying to figure out how i want the cake. Im baking and decorating it myself. GO DIY BRIDES!!!


Anyway lol. Lots to do. TTYL!

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Wow, congrats!!! 

Congrats on evertyhing, and good luck with the cake. Can't wait to see everything!!