Jul 13, 2013



I saw these on Etsy and I loved them!

Garters photo 1 Garters photo 2

I could not decide which one I liked the most plus they were expensive so I DIYed them...

I took a piece of lace. For the first design the piece I found was too wide so I trimmed it to the size I wanted.

Garters photo 3 Garters photo 4

I measured the garter on my leg to make sure it fits comfortably.

The lace was not elastic so a added a piece of blue elastic band.

Garters photo 5

I sewed the lace on the elastic and on a piece of tulle in order to give it a little “bone” To help it stand straight and then sewed some blue beads and.. voila!

Garter set #1:                                                     Garter set #2:

Garters photo 6  Garters photo 7 

On me:

Garters photo 8  Garters photo 9

Ok so maybe not that professional but I love them and they cost just penny's 

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Um, hello those are perfect!!! They are pretty and not many people will see them so why spend all sorts of money? Plus, your FI should love it even more that you made them! Wish I was as crafty as you dear!