Jul 19, 2013

I am loving life, especially since marrying Chris. I'm Mom to 6 year old twins boys that keep me busy and laughing every day. My life is full of fun, laughter, love and crafting!

The invitation

We went through many (many, many!) different ideas before finally agreeing on this one, apologies for the difference in color, I guess I must have changed the setting on my camera between taking them, but the most acurate colors are the green in photo #1 and the brown in #2.

The photo is one I took when we went to check out our ceremony site, it,s being used in various things for our day.  I was super lucky because I went to Michaels to pick up the cardstock and it was 6 for $1.00!! I made 15 invitations for less than $6, what a great bargain!

(I also realise there is a typo in the inside, this was a photo of my mock-up)

The invitation photo 1 The invitation photo 2

The invitation photo 3

I found out that the post office wouldn't guarantee delivery if I used a brown envelope with black writing because it doesn't go through their machine so it would be hand processed, and I really didn't want to use white labels, so I made these instead! Just regular white card with our image printed on it and the address printed on top of that, much easier that I expected it to be!!

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Omg I am just totally blown away! These came out splendidly! You did a wonderful job!

I love them! 

Love these!!! They turned out beautiful, and I really like the envelope, looks like you planned it all along! Plus - hand processing is a pain, I asked the post office to make sure to do that with ours because the pocket folds were thick and fragile...the guy handed me the stamper! So good job Nicky!!