Jul 19, 2013

I am loving life, especially since marrying Chris. I'm Mom to 6 year old twins boys that keep me busy and laughing every day. My life is full of fun, laughter, love and crafting!

Out of Town Bags

Most of our guests are coming from England so we decided to make OOT bags for them rather than giving them favors that they will probably never use.

I am still searching for the right bag to put everything in, I want something that can be used again and that they will be willing to use again - so no names/dates etc on them - I know they're out there somewhere!!!

Out of Town Bags photo 1

This is some of the items I am including -

* A map & dining plan for Jasper  * Sunscreen  * Hand Sanitiser  * Playing Cards  * Anti-Bacterial Wipes  * Advil   * Tissues  * Water  *Plant Pot  * Tealight  * Bookmark  * Pen  * Mosquito Repellant patches  * Small First Aid kit  * Small sewing kit (I got these from the hotel FI stays in for work and am repackaging them!)                                  

I still need to find a few more items - lip balm with SPF, note pads and some snacks (I am making Moose shaped maplebread cookies!). I'm also making a Road Trip CD of songs that are special to FI & I, all our guests are travelling at least 3.5hrs, and many are extending their trip to see more of The Rockies so I thought it would be cute to have some songs from us.

I'm putting tags on them with a little poem like this:-

We made a little bag,Completely full of treats,

Whether your mouth gets dry and
thirsty, or you’re in the mood for some sweets.

It’s just a small token full of our love, hugs and kisses,

To thank you for the trip you’ve
made to see the new Mr & Mrs 

(I'm pretty sure I found this somewhere on PW, but I've had it saved on my laptop for so long that I can't remember - please let me know if it's yours so I can credit you!)

I decided to go 'old school' with our water bottle and do personalised labels - it was also something my boys could help me with so they were very happy, they've been desperate to get involved!  Our wedding is in a National Park so looking after nature is very important so I included the Recycling logo and then I found a bar-code generator online and input our wedding date and used that too!!

Out of Town Bags photo 2  Out of Town Bags photo 3

I have painted little flower pots and put green tea-lights in them, but they are actually to use with our bookmarks that I've made.  They are made with plantable paper, embedded with Canadian wildflower seeds, so people can take a little bit of Canada home with them. 

Out of Town Bags photo 4

I have used 4 different quotes on them :-

“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams” – Dr

“We are all a little weird and lifes a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love” – Dr Seuss

“Do you know that place between being asleep and awake, where you still remember your dreams? That’s where I’ll always love you, that’s where I’ll always wait for you” - Tinkerbell

“I shall call him squishy and he shall be mine. He shall be my squishy.” - Dory

They're all a bit cheesy, but they are cute and they are from books/movies that mean something to us!!


I want to include some homemade snacks too, so attempted Uhlease's Oreo recipe.  It tastes great but the legs kept breaking when I was putting the filling on, so I'm going back to my original plan and making Maplebread Moose cookies instead - I'm really not a great baker!!

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I am starting to worry a have I missed so much of your bio???

LOVE these OOT bags. Such a grta idea. I love eveything that you are outtign into it. Love the poem and the quotes as well.  Awesomeness!!!

Sounds amazing

Oh my God! I want to come to your wedding! I love the water bottles and all the quotes you put on the tags. Wow. Just creative and perfectly matches the feel of your wedding.

These are great! You realy did an amazing job! So thoughtful!