Jul 13, 2013



Fi’s uncle has an old jaguar from the 70s and he offered to take FI to the church. That is awesome as it goes so wonderful with our disco-retro theme! I didn’t have my camera when we went to invite them to take a pic of the car but it looks like this: (pic from google)

I m so excited photo 3471681-1

So I was searching to find another antique car to take me to the church to match the theme as well..

The problem is that renting an antique car is really expensive. The cheapest I found was like 550 euros, *aouch*  :-/


Today we were out inviting people (as we do every-single-night) and we found out that my father’s cousin’s uncle from her father’s side has an old triumph! And we can use that! Yaaaayyyyyyy!

It looks kinda like this (again pic from the net)

I m so excited photo 3471681-2

The only think is that it does not have AC so it will be so uncomfortable to use it for getting all the way from my house to the church half an hour away. But we can use our regular cars and set a meeting point close to the church and only go a short distance in the no AC car.

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This is so awesome!!! I looked at retro cars for us as well, and you are right -  they are super expensive to rent. So glad you found some to use, they will make great pictures!!