Feb 01, 2014

Hello! I am a Hot Stamp Press Operator by day and a freelance artist by night. I'm moody, emotional but generally a very happy go lucky person. I enjoy all manner of things!!


Hi! The name's Irene, i'm 29 live in Naples, FL and work as a silk screen press operator by day, and free lance artist by night! i enjoy many hobbies including of course art, sewing, dolls, and collecting antique sewing machines. feel free to leave a comment or a private message if youd like to chat! im a pretty fun and easy going girl!


And this is the story of my engagement and eventual wedding:

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I hope it was everything you dreamed it could be!
Ive enjoyed watching your day unfold. You have come so far and I cant wait to see pictures of your big day

thank you Becca! <3

Glad to have you as part of our community, Irene!!! Your dress is beautiful!!