May 18, 2013


pro pics

these are the pics from our photographer...keep in mind, in Germany some things are a little different :-) and there are quite q few shots in black and white. The package we bought included all pics in colour and black/white. I am a big fan of b/w. We have all of them in color as well, which is pretty cool.

the church i was baptized and took my first communion

the first guests arrived :-)

my maid of honor with the most georgous facinator

white doves!

my favourite Quarterback aka my best friend :-)

 reflection in the rim of our ride

my diy cake topper

my brother


that pic is so us :-)))))





 our friends

our first dance


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AMAZING pictures!! I kept clicking on one to use as an example of one I loved...and then I just kept clicking because they are all so good! I will go with this one, just gorgeous!