Jun 20, 2009


The Rings : )

My engagement ring! all I told him was that I liked princess cut, and he picked it out himself. I think it's beautiful : )

The Rings photo 1  The Rings photo 2

His wedding band-four small diamonds in the middle with brushed texture to the sides of the diamond, then polished finish all the way around.

  The Rings photo 3

My set                                             Just the band-you can see the detail better here

The Rings photo 4  The Rings photo 5



(4) Comments

this is the first time i have seen the pic of your wedding band on your hand!  i LOVE it!  that is exactly what i wanted but i couldn't find it!  i honestly don't really like my band b/c i wanted it they way yours is so thin and delicate.  i think my band makes it look all bulky on my hand, lol.  since our rings are so similar i think it would have looked so much better.  ok, sorry for the long comment but i love your band!

LOVING your wedding band, dear!  Beautiful choice!

Oooo.  Nice.  FI DH wouldn't do diamonds.  I had all I could take to get him to pick something that wasn't super basic.  Here's our "ring pic."

I heart yours and FH's rings.... so pretty/masculine ;)