Aug 10, 2013


DIY Hanging Crystal Centerpieces

I'm such a DIY bride I love being crafty and making things, so when it comes to my wedding there is no exception. I have been think about my wedding (and planning) almost since the moment I met David. I knew he was the one, so now that we are actually planning our wedding I have lots of great ideas. And that's what they are just ideas I came up with in my head and now it was time to make the dreams a reality, which took a little imagination. I came up with the idea of having crystals hanging on the inside of a trumpet vase and set a pillar candle one top of it(which would be the bottom of the vase). So I figured that I would just take fishing line and anchor it to the bottom of the vase and the tie the crystals to the ends and voila.... haha I wish. Anyone who has played with fishing line definitely knows it is not that simple. First of all it comes curled around a spool which in turn makes the line have a curl to it and then to get that to just sit nicely on the bottom of the vase was just not possible. So I had to come up with a new plan, I knew I had to weigh the fishing line down in a way that wouldn't look tacky, I mean hello this is for my wedding, and also come up with a way to keep it set on the bottom so it would be strong enough to hold the weight of the crystals.

Items you will need:

Trumpet vases (I ordered all my vases from and it was cheaper the renting even after shipping) 

Crystals (I waned 3 hanging in each vase at 3 different sizes, which I got from

Fishing line (the thickness is up to you I just chose something that was weighted for 12 lbs)

Clear Vase Gems (this is to weigh down the fishing line)

Super glue (trust me you need it)

Acrylic Water Kit (to permanently hold the fishing line at the bottom) 

1 syringe (this is to apply the liquid acrylic at the bottom of the vase without creating a huge mess)

DIY Hanging Crystal Centerpieces photo 1

I decided to make the tutorial after I had complete the project so some items are not pictured but you get the idea


First you want to cut the fishing line, I recommend twice the size of you vase, this is because once you are ready to add the liquid acrylic if the line is to short you won't be able to keep it from falling to the bottom(you really don't want to have to hold the fishing line for 48 hours while the acrylic sets up) After you cut all your fishing you are going to superglue them to the clear vase gems, I chose to have 3 per gem because I wanted to have 3 crystals per vase this is totally up to you.  This part is a bit messy and can be frustrating, how ever you can get the fishing line to attach to the gem is fine, I chose to tie them around it and put a small drop of superglue that worked best for me.

DIY Hanging Crystal Centerpieces photo 2

Once the fishing line is attached to the gems place the gems in the bottom of you vases (I also put a small drop of superglue at the bottom of the vase so the gem would have a temporary hold until the acrylic was placed in) once the super glue is dry pull the lines so the are taunt and secure them with something. This is why I said to make the length long, I just secured mine with the bottom of the vase.

DIY Hanging Crystal Centerpieces photo 3

DIY Hanging Crystal Centerpieces photo 4

(this picture is just showing you how i pulled the lines tight a secured them while the acrylic was put in and dried Please ignore the mess)


Now its time to mix the acrylic water (just follow the directions on the box) once its all mixed fill your syringe and them squeeze it into the bottom of the vase (you only need enough to completely cover the gem as shown.) Once you have all the gems covered now it is time to wait 48 hours for the acrylic to harden.


DIY Hanging Crystal Centerpieces photo 5


Now that your acrylic has set for 48 hours and is nice and hard you can now tie your crystals at your desired length with the fishing line. This part I thought was going to be so hard to do, but since the fishing line is nice and long it is not as hard as you would think.What you do is take the crystal (which I chose the option with the silver rings) thread the fishing ling threw the ring and tie it around your finger in a single knot so you can adjust it (like the first part to tying a bow) You will now pulled the line as you slide your finger and crystal up into the vase at your desired length you will tighten the knot as you pull your finger out. Then cut the excess length of the line off. I hope the pictures help better explain! I used a thick cord and bracelet to better show how to do it.

DIY Hanging Crystal Centerpieces photo 6I really hope this helps you understand



Now you have beautiful unique centerpieces that everyone will love and talk about!DIY Hanging Crystal Centerpieces photo 7

More photos to come after the wedding so you can see the full finished product!



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Oh wow! This is beautiful! Very nice work! I love it!

Thankyou! I can't wait to see it all put together as well... It looks beautiful in my head haha

That's awesome!! Great job!

These are really cool! I can't wait to see the finished product!