Jul 12, 2013


Lover's Lane

Andray and I meet May 2007 through a mutual co-worker and friend. We Immediately clicked and became friends. Our gut instinct about each other when we first met proved to be true. We had a attraction for one another. We have the best of time with one another. Soon time grew on us and we decided we didn't want to be without each other. I still have the first card Andray ever gave me and it reads: Baby there's nobody who can move me like you do. You have a sweet and silky touch that thrills me through and through and when you're lying in my arms with no one else around I know that I'm in heaven in this precious love we've found. Each day we spend together makes me crave you even more. Still to this day after 6 years we still feel the same way about each other so we have decided to join as one and make our love for one another official. I'm his Poo Poo and he is my Baby Love. He is my gentle giant and I'm his lil mama.

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Oh my God I love it!!!! How sweet!!!! I want more because I love love!