Apr 20, 2013


Our Wedding program

We made the program to incorporate both the order of the mass, and then the reception. Some of our guests are not catholic and catholic ceremonies can be a little confusing, so the program will come in handy to direct them on what is actually going on. Oh, did I say we will be having a full mass and not just the vows?

Our Wedding program photo 1

this is the cover page of the program. Its a long narrow program, so this is a copy of the spread of the cover pages, front and back.


These ones below are the inner pages: 

Our Wedding program photo 2

Our Wedding program photo 3

Actually the color didnt come out nice; it is supposed to be torquise on a pale blue background, not black. Well, Ill upload pics of the finished product later.

(2) Comments

Thanks!! It was major drama with me and the printer, but at the end, I think its worth it all. Vendors? Drama queens,all of them!! 

Awh! Love your programs!