Apr 20, 2013


Hen's Party

So I had a hen's party, organized by my single female interns at work!! It was very unconventional: a 'tomboy' themed, rustic inspired setting. My hospital has this area that has very antique buildings in brick, which was commisioned by Queen Elizabeth in the 50's when it was still a mission hospital. Anyways, that area has lots of tropical fruit trees, and the buildings have been converted into junior staff quarters.

Anyways, we had malt drinks, rools, muffins and smirnoff ice, and for dessert, we climbed the trees and plucked mangoes!! It was totally rad!!

Sorry for the quality of the pictures; these are amateur shots and they were taken in the evening.


Hen s Party photo 1

Hen s Party photo 2

Hen s Party photo 3

Mangoes for dessert,we plucked them ourselves!!

Hen s Party photo 4

lol at the kids in the background, I guess they must have wondered what exactly the excided ladies were up to!!

Hen s Party photo 5

Dont mind the cock in the henhouse. He was supposed to teach us a choreography which we will be doing at the wedding. When I throw my bouquet, I dont want to do someting conventional. I want all the single ladies to do a choreography, then two or three minuites into the show, I throw my bouquet, unannounced. My friends at work and my bridesmaids will have to learn it, so they can take the lead, but the steps are ridiculously easy, so anyother female can join in.

Posts of the rehearsals:

Hen s Party photo 6

Hen s Party photo 7

Hen s Party photo 8

Hen s Party photo 9


Of course it degenerated into silliness as the evening went on, people started showing off their individual dancesteps..

Hen s Party photo 10

Hen s Party photo 11

Hen s Party photo 12

Hen s Party photo 13

Ok, I have to admit, we had clean fun in an unusual way, and it still makes me laugh when I see these pictures because I cant remember the last time I climbed a tree.

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Ha, looks like a blast, everyone is all smiles!

We did,honestly.

Looks like yall had alot of fun :)

I love clean fun! I'm a kid at heart also!