May 17, 2014


Bridesmaids Dress Picks...

 Im still not sure whether I want the girls in orange or turquoise yet. I guess it will depend on how it looks on them and the color against their skin tones. I have chosen the style dress I want them to have though....Its a two tone hi low infinity/convertible dress from ETSY. I havent settled on the colors yet.


UPDATE: The colors of the dress will be champagne/khaki/tan for the top and turquoise bottoms. My MOH will be the only one with an orange bottom. Although I may switch that up, not sure yet. The dress will liik just like this, except it will be two toned...




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Lucky ladies, love these!

Love those dresses. Its great to have one they can wear more than just that day. I am partial to Turquoise. That was originally going to be one of my colors.

I love these dresses! They will be happy to wear them after too I'm sure!