Jun 06, 2009


The Dress - First Fitting!

I just came back from my first fitting and am sighing in relief.  Four months is a long time to wait for a dress and in the meantime, I was having paranoid thoughts - maybe I didn't pick the right color, maybe I wouldn't like it when it came in, maybe I spent too much, maybe maybe maybe...

But when I tried it on again and the seamstress pinned it in the right, I had no more doubts. *crossing fingers that this doesn't change* 

*on a sidenote - At the time that I was deciding on the size to order, my attendant pulled out a sizing chart.  I was a size 4 in both the bust and the hips, but a size 6 in the waist.  I was teetering on whether to go with the 4 or the 6, thinking maybe I'd lose that 5 lbs that people always say brides lose the week of the wedding.  So I went with the size 4.  Since then, I've been browsing and and saw an overwhelming number of dresses which were label size 6, and then altered down.  I was nervous...maybe I should have ordered the 6...maybe my dress wouldn't fit.  Well, I slipped that baby on no problem today (and i haven't lost any weight) and was left wondering what would have happened if I had ordered another size up?  Me thinks a whole lotta extra alternations.  (and mind you, my little alterations weren't cheap!). 

And without further are pics from the first fitting!  (I only have pics of the bustled dress.)

I plan on selling the dress after the wedding so let me know if you're interested.  (Melissa Sweet "Mila" - It's "white" but really, it's off white/cream.  I compared it to the stark white paint on the walls and you'd think it was ivory - but it's between ivory and white.  gorgeous!  I am 5'3" and wearing 3" heels.  (Bust 32.5, Waist 25.5/26, Hips 35.5).  The dress label size is a 4.  Street size 0-2.

  The Dress First Fitting photo 1 The Dress First Fitting photo 2

  The Dress First Fitting photo 3 The Dress First Fitting photo 4


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My wedding is in May 2010 and I'd love to try on your dress.  I'm also in Chicago but going out of town for a month.  I'll contact you when I get back.

hmm your in Chicago may get complicated :@) no worries. Go ahead and find someone closer to your area that would want to buy it. 

I would love to try on your dress! My wedding is in Jan and I love the drop hip suttle mermaid look. You look great.

Let me know if you still are able to sell it after the wedding. I'm very interested.

gorgeous!!  it fits you like a glove!