May 17, 2014


Um...I won!!!

Hi guys, just found out that I won a bridal party package from Mary Kay through Davids Bridal :) I never win anything so this was a welcomed surprise. I won a pampering party which includes goody bags, facials, makeup sessions, etc for me and 6 of my friends. Of course I know they do these parties to encourage sales of their products, but Im just excited to be able to have this for my girls. Im gonna grab some wine, a few finger foods, add music and it'll be a fun time. Can't wait!!!!

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That is awesome. Hope you ladies have/had fun!
I won one of these also but chose not to use it and pass it on to someone else. Have fun.

Wooooohooooooo! That is totally AWESOME! Congrats!!

Really?!! Wow,cool stuff,congrats!!