Oct 12, 2013


O MY... D. I. Y.

O MY... It's My D.I.Y


DIY #1

Saving the Date

17$ for 70$ Vistaprint Groupon: envelopes, postcards, magnets and more.


DIY #2

 Asking the Bridal Party...


Love knot bracelets for the ladies, and cigars for the gents.


DIY #3

Church Door Letters/Candy Buffet Monograms

O MY D I Y photo 1

A dual purpose DIY.  I am going to use these to hang on the church doors and then display on the candy buffet table.  As cliche as it may be, I bet you can't guess what type of candy we will definately be including in our assortment :)


DIY #3.5

 Monogrammed Candy

My FMIL really wanted a candy bar/buffet at the wedding so this has become her "project".  Since I helped wrap all of the Hershey's Miniatures I am claiming this as part of my D.I.Y's.  Stay tuned for more pics as the buffet evolves.  Of note, I found tons of Mr. Goodbar wrappers in FIs clothes today when I did laundry.  Keep your fingers crossed that the candy makes it a few more months.


DIY #4

Ceremony Programs

O MY D I Y photo 2O MY D I Y photo 3

Approx 18 pages, yikes, and nearly complete.  Certain areas still need to be edited.  I am going to hold off on printing and assembling until we are closer to the wedding.  The hardest part: picking the readings and formatting is done.


DIY #5

Ceremony Exit Wands

O MY D I Y photo 4 

60 Ceremony exit wands, rolled, wrapped and ready to go. 

Giving a bell as a wedding gift is an Irish tradition.  The chime of bells is said to keep evil spirits away and also remind the married couple of their wedding vows.


Have A Question?

If you have a question about any of my D.I.Y's please don't hesitate to ask.  I don't mind sharing!

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I am totally blown away, especially by the letters! You did a great job on these projects!

Your DIY are amazing! Looking to forward to seening it all come together.

I love those wands! So pretty!

Wow, your DIYs are great! I can't wait to see everything else you do!