Apr 20, 2013


Our Assesories

I've decided that my major color will be red. I cant seem to find the exact shade of aqua that I want, so Ill use mostly red, and let my BMs use the aqua.

Our Assesories photo 1


Our Assesories photo 2


Our Assesories photo 3

I will be using silk flowers. Just red roses. My inspiration:

Our Assesories photo 4

Our Assesories photo 5


*****Actually, this is what I decided on finally, I cant get it around where I stay, so I asked someone to get me this bouquet in Lagos, which is like..10hours away. I decided to add a couple of white roses to it though, so it wont be all red.***

Our Assesories photo 6


I decided against bouquets for my BMs. I wanted handfans, which will also come in handy in this weather. Besides, it has this exotic look I like...

Our Assesories photo 7 Our Assesories photo 8

They are wearing aqua gowns so we decided on something to contrast with the dresses. SO we have this:

Our Assesories photo 9

Our Assesories photo 10


My own fan, well, still pending, but will be something like this, in white:

Our Assesories photo 11

Complete with the rose detail, all in white.

For our hair:

I thought of the Kim look for myself:

Our Assesories photo 12

But my hair is not going to be swept off my face, so, wont work. I later decided on tiny booby pins in red scatted over my hair instead, and a hair chan over the right side of my hair.

Our Assesories photo 13Our Assesories photo 14

My BMs will be wearing hair facinators:

Our Assesories photo 15

I know someone who will help me do this..


My watch:

It’s a swatch watch in silver and black. Ive had it for years, so its serving as my something old.

Our Assesories photo 16

Our Assesories photo 17

My jewelry: 

Truth be told I wanted this look:no necklace, and earrings that stand out.

Our Assesories photo 18

But my mum whined and whined about how my neck would look bare, so I agreed to wear a necklace.

So here:

Our Assesories photo 19

Our Assesories photo 20


I bought this jewelry before FI and I got involved. Actually, the seller forced it on me. I didn’t want to buy it; it looked too bridal at the time, and I said so. Then she was like: just buy it, who knows, you could be a bride soon. So, I bought it under duress and now I’m glad I did. It’s a twisted silver chain, with matching earrings and bracelet. Definitely my something new.

My veil:

I wanted a shoulder length veil with a short blusher. But then, I borrowed this from my cousin, so..something borrowed.

Our Assesories photo 21

My JCI Pin:

I happen to be the President of Junior Chamber International, Umuahia, and I planned to wear my JCI pin throughout my 365 days in office. I will be wearing it on my wedding day as well, something blue.

Our Assesories photo 22


I wont be wearing a garter, its not too common in my neck of the woods, so..its out.

My Shoes:

Ahh.. my fave part. I was passing by a shoes shop on my way back from work, and the shoes just caught my eyes. Its not a known label or anything, but it was just the right shade, the right length of heel, the best part: elegant enough to be worn for the ceremony, yet comfy enough for the reception shindig.

So I will not be changing either dress or shoes for the wedding. Yay me!!

Our Assesories photo 23

Our Assesories photo 24

Our Assesories photo 25

I swear I can run 100m in these shoes!!

Our Assesories photo 26

Our Assesories photo 27


Hm. The vision truly fell in place with this shoes!!




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