May 17, 2014


Family Vacation 2013...Myrtle Beach

Hi PW friends :)  So I have been gone for a little bit. I had a two week break from school as well as we went on a much needed family vacation. We went to Myrtle Beach, SC. Surprisingly to most people I tell, i have never been to SC...even though I live in Georgia. Im not a big traveler because I hate long rides. But this one was ok, about 6 hours.

We had a ball! This was actually the first beach vacation we had taken as a whole family. My boys love the beach. and my baby girl did too. Karsyn decided she loved it so much she had to taste a hand full of sand, lol. We stayed for three nights in a nice resort. To save money we all stayed in one big room, I think including the kids it was 11 of us :/. But all in all it wasnt crowded and we had a wonderful time. Here are the pics....


Family Vacation 2013 Myrtle Beach photo 1 Family Vacation 2013 Myrtle Beach photo 2

Family Vacation 2013 Myrtle Beach photo 3 Family Vacation 2013 Myrtle Beach photo 4


More pictures to come...



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