Jul 13, 2013


Bachelorette Party - 6 July 2013

I had a blast at my bachelorette party last night! Funny veil and sash and all hahahaha!

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My girls did a wonderful job organizing a fun night! We stayed in, at the house of my MOH. My MOH’s BIL painted me a thumbprint tree to which I will add more thumbprints along the way as we were just 14 girls there (and as much as I like this I could not have it as a guest book at such wedding as mine).

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We had finger food and sweets and the had me a funny cake...

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..and wine with edible hibiscus flowers that we will also use to toast at the wedding. (no picture yet :-()

 Then we played games such as making a wedding dress out of toilet papers and pinning a funny penis on a poster while blindfolded. They also asked FI to answer some questions and then I had to answer them to see how well I know him. The questions were from innocent like “what is his favorite food” to naughty like “what’s his favorite sex position”. Well I scored 8/12 which is pretty good :-P

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And my MOH had cards printed with phrases the girls had to fill like “dear Leni, when I found out that George proposed, I……………….” “When I see you walking down the aisle I will……………..” and they were told to avoid cheesy stuff but write funny things instead. Then my other MOH read them and I had to guess who wrote each.

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We all laughed hard with all the comments and jokes that came out of this and all the games, my tummy hurts!

My presents were underwear and an AMAZING necklace! I love it and ow so sad that pics really do it no justice! Love it!

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And I gave them their favors I DIYed which were a lavender scented olive oil soap, a hair mask with honey and coconut milk and a body scrub with olive oil, sugar and lemon.

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Ow my MOH also printed pictures on paper and wrap them around chocolates and gave one to each of us.. this is mine:

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And she got me a cute box to save all the memorabilia from this night

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I don’t have a lot of pics of the night on my camera but as soon as I get the pics my girls took I will post more!

I loved every minute of it!

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