Jun 22, 2013

My husband and I were married on a beautiful sunny June afternoon with our closest friends and family. I put years of dreams and DIY efforts into making my whimsical sandcastle beach vision come true and I've got the pictures to prove it :) Its the most wonderful feeling being married to your prince charming! :)

I'm Married!!

My wedding was a dream! Everything turned out beautiful! The weather, the ceremony, the decorations I worked countless hours on! Yet, It flew by so fast, my head is still spinning. It is so true that you do all this work for one day that goes by so quick, and you pretty much are throwing a party for everyone else. Thankfully we have pictures from family to hold us over and drool at while we await our professional pics to be sent to us. Enjoy!!

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Your wedding is what dreams are made of! Your flowergirls took a piece of my heart! They are just adorable! You look like an absolute dream on your special day and all the details of your wedding are just amazing! I love the bouts on the groom and groomsmen! What a special touch! Thank you so much for sharing your special day!

Thank you ladies so much!! :)))

Laura, that is incredibly sweet of you!! I just uploaded all my pro ones in my bio :)

I worked so hard on all my DIY stuff, I told my photographer to make sure he captures my wedding as if it were being featured for wedding of the year because thats what I was aiming for :) so to be nominated on PW would be good enough for me :)

Congratulations!!! Your wedding looks amazing! I love your colors and your theme. If you'll let me know when you upload your professional pictures to your bio, I'd love to add you to the Bio of the Week nomination list!

Congrats Lady! YOu look georgous!!! I love your theme and how it turned out!