Aug 03, 2013


nHair Flower

when I bought my dress years ago, this flower was intendet to be with it, but it did cost 99Dollar and this was far over what I wanted to spent, so I never even tried it and stalked it online hoping that it would be on sale some time soon. I looked it up once in a while for over a year. Than I got over it, telling myself that it is not important enough to spend that much money and time.


A few weeks ago I had a feeling to just look at davids bridal hair assesoiries. And it was on sale for 35 Dollar! I did not even look for it, just hoping to see something else I liked.

I live in germany so it was not that easy to get it here because international shipping wasnt working and stuff like that. A few days ago it arrived and my mom and I were almost cring when trying it on with my veil.


I feel like god loves me that he even cares about a hairflower that I love :) He is amazing!!!!



But mine will be in champagne

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