Nov 16, 2013

I married the man of my dreams on November 16, 2013. But sorry ladies, I don't know how to add or update my blog because the new PW is not user friendly!


If anyone is interested, I am selling this necklace I just recently purchased from a shop owner on Etsy. There is nothing wrong with the necklace and I have never worn it. It's just that when I received it and saw it in person, I realized it wouldn't go with the overall look that I am going for on my wedding day. I literally just open the box it came in, looked at the necklace for a few minutes and put it right back in the same box. So, it's in perfect condition.

I bought the necklace for $73, including shipping. I am selling it for $50 and I will pay for the shipping charges as well. If anyone is interested in purchasing this necklace, please let me know.

You can purchase it through me through PayPal.

FOR SALE photo 1

FOR SALE photo 2

FOR SALE photo 3


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